10 double page paper choose a product apply a technology evolution model s to assess the technology apply the synergic innovation model to determine your firm s core competency use the outputs to describe how to proceed deploying the new technology

Note: Please include all the below bullet points in the paper. Make sure you choose a product and Firm for this paper please be specific it can be any famous product and firm. (For example if you choose Apple company the product should be specific like iPhone 8 just an example).

IMPORTANT: the paper should be written in leadership perspective and how the leader will handle it based on the below points.

1) Apply the Synergic Innovation Model to Determine Your Firm’s Core Competency

•What are the firms market capabilities? •What are the firm’s technology capabilities and how will the leader look into it?

•What are the firm’s management and leadership capabilities?

2) Use the outputs to describe how to proceed deploying the New Technology and the technology evolution model.

•How do you market the product based on what phase it is in? •Does the firm have the technology capability to deliver technology or process innovation based on the phase the product is in•Can the firm apply internal assess and resources to sell the product based on the phase the product is in