2 3 page reflection paper 2

2-3 pages double spaced

Question 1 is sustainability and talk about it a little bit about what it is and how it is involved in supply chain

You know, I want you to tell me what your supply chain focus has been as as as as a result of taking this class.

Question 2 and 3 is mainly just talking about innovation and problem solving mostly but incorporate it with sustainability

We’ve talked about innovative supply chains. We talked about, you know, sustainable supply chains. We talked about technology. We talked about network design. How do you want to make your mark.

Are you going to be a problem solver, or you’re going to facilitate the different aspects of the global supply chain from procurement of raw materials, all the way to delivering in an omni channel.

Question 4 and 5 can really be about anything that has to do with changing the world but also having to do with supply chain. For example, sweatshops in the Middle East being shutdown. Must include EPIC.

If you thought about the different things we’ve worked on all semester what project would you, would you like to bring to life, thats related supply chain. We talked about different parts of the world. Tell me what region you like to work on it, thinking about those epic charts.

Question 6 is going to be discussing omni-channels, technology, and blockchains.

what do you think would would help you on your project or help you in a global supply chain. Internet things, blockchain drones, omni channel network, etc.”

There really isn’t any right or wrong answers. My professor just wants to see us be able to write out a well written paper with the knowledge we acquired from this past semester. I will also be providing any power points, documents, etc. that might be needed to better understand anything.