a least 3 page paper

Weekly deliverables will be outlined each week. The project will necessitate (among other things) critical thinking, extensive research, data management, organizational status, and strategic planning. Integrate charts and graphs throughout this assignment. Accurate grammar, punctuation, syntax, and APA formatting is expected.

Please do at least 3 pages. If there are any charts or graphs you can add that is fine as well. Just make sure the paper is in APA format.

Here is this weeks assignment:

:Provide a detailed assessment and evaluation of up to 5 pages regarding the leadership for the chosen organization.

Incorporate the following:

  • Corporate leadership
  • Organizational structure (e.g., hierarchical)
  • Leadership team (e.g., names, education, experience, etc.)

Note: The paper does not need to be 5 pages long; content that is detailed and provides an appropriate level of analysis and evaluation, is more important than paper length.