an 850 word essay about harry potter and the philosopher s stone and the specific requirements are as follows you must use the apa format

Word count: 850 words

**Topic:T heworldofHarryPotterisfilledwithpowerfulmagical objects. Which 3 objects thus far have been the most important to the novel (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone) and why? Explain using quotes and examples from the novel.


● Double spaced

● Times new Roman, size 12

● Title page must be included

must be used properly every time you take an example or an

idea . The ideas/examples MUST BE paraphrasedandcited.Iftheyarenot,thatwillcountasP LAGIARISM.

● You are allowed to use a maximum of 3 quotations from the text that are to be no longer than 1-2 sentences each.

Must include:

● Cover page

● Reference page

It is based on the Harry Potter book that we are reading now, which means you CANNOT USE ideas from the other books.

You need to explain your choices using quotes and examples from the novel. Don’t forget to use in-text citation (Rowling, p.#)

Note: You are allowed to research, but don’t forget to cite everything that you use.