analysis of an editorial cartoon

Step 1: Provide the picture of the editorial cartoon or the link below.

Phil Hands

Editorial Cartoonist and letters editor for the Wisconsin State Journal

Step 2: Use the following prompts to guide your analysis of an editorial cartoon of your choice.

Content What is the event or issue that inspired the cartoon?

Audience Who is the target audience? What specific groups (education level, ethnicity, economic class, political views) or interests (fashion, hunting, fitness)?

Argument What is the cartoonist’s point of view about the topic portrayed in the cartoon? Give examples to support your interpretation.

Images 1. Are there any real people or places in the cartoon? If not, what images are portrayed in the cartoon?

Symbolism 2. Which of the pictures are symbols? What do they stand for or represent?

Words Are there labels, descriptions, thoughts, or dialogue? Which words or phrases are the most significant?

Medium and Context Who drew the cartoon? What do you know about his or her background? When was the editorial cartoon published? What was happening at the time the cartoon was created?