answering these questions based on a short case

The Widget Conglomerate has decided to improve their environmental impact by looking at new ways to reduce their energy use and reduce their pollution. Widget Conglomerate’sinvestors have started to ask a lot of questions about its strategies for sustainability and their corporate clients have started demanding greener products from them. YOU are the Widget Conglomerate’s top sustainability innovator – coming up with ideas to make this environmental progress happen. You’ve got a great idea to put solar panel canopies over all of the parking lots at Widget Conglomerate’s headquarters. The initial cost is $2,000,000 and it will save $400,000 each year in electricity costs for the headquarters. You estimate this will save about 20 tons of carbon pollution each year. It will also shade the employees’ cars during the hot summer months and protect their cars from snow in the winter months. Members of the community driving by the headquarters will be able to see the solar canopies from the road and you’d like to set up tours for the local elementary schools to see how the solar panels work.

1) Name several of the stakeholders that you would need to talk to in order to get your solar idea off the ground?

2) What is the return on investment (aka simple payback) of this idea? In other words, how many years would it take to pay off the initial investment?

3) What are some of the benefits of this idea? Think about this through the lens of triple bottom line – people planet profit.

4) Think about the stakeholders you identified and the benefits you identified. How would you sell this idea to each of the stakeholders? Describe below.