article on eclampsia


Follow the sequence outlined when you write up your journal article review

(Submit this form with the completed assignment)

1.Attach copy of article. Article must be current (within last 2 -5 years), relate to OB 0nursing care, and

published in a professional nursing journal (no editorials accepted).

2. Summary of article: (Length: Minimum of 12 sentences)

3. Relevance of the article to nursing care of the client in your assigned clinical area:

(Describe how the information you reviewed in the article can be used to assist you in

the care for clients in your assigned clinical area on the day you present.) Journal article selection must

be related to the clinical area you have been assigned to on the day you present. (Length: Minimum of 8


4. Agreement / disagreement with article: State why you agree or disagree with the information

provided. Use information obtained in text books, other journals, clinical practice or personal experience

as sources to site when you agree or disagree.

(Length: Minimum of 6 sentences)

5. Reference (APA Format):