assignment about oman labor law

Task 1. This task will serve as the Introduction of your coursework. Read prudently and answer judiciously.

“Labour laws of a country are one of the rules that are to be sensibly enforced by the State”. Explain the previously mentioned statement. Provide examples to concretise your explanation. Support your explanation with three reliable literatures.

Provide one short –separate paragraph for the two to three objectives of your coursework.

Right after the said paragraph, continue your coursework with another paragraph by citing and discussing labour or employment theories that are related to the previously mentioned statement and / or your explanation.

In addition, briefly show the flow of your entire discussion by means of a graphical illustration to have a clear overview of your paper. (700 words equivalent)

Task 2. Consider this task as the main content of your coursework. Write Discussion as the subheading of this part. Oman Labour Laws clearly specifies the provisions regarding the employment of foreign workers, juvenile workers, and women workers. Analyse the provisions for the mentioned three groups of workers and provide your critical evaluation. Cite real life cases that will support your assessment. The collected information must come from court’s decision within and outside Oman. Justify the literature that you have cited in your coursework by reflecting the correct in-text citation. (2000 words)

Task 3 conclusion