authentic life study 1

No more than 15 pages.

If you truly do an authentic life study with theory integration (explanation and citations), you will definitely have more than 10 pages.

You are to interview a person who is minimally 65 years of age. This person cannot be a relative or personal acquaintance; and must be different from you in race, ethnicity, gender, social class, and religion. Your interview is to focus on various critical incidents in the person’s life, i.e. education (elementary, middle, and high school; advanced education), employment, courtship or dating, marriage, parenthood, career, empty nesting, retirement, etc. Pay attention to the rural, urban and semi-urban, regional, and international environment in which the interviewee was raised. Discuss the impact of systems in those environments employment and unemployment, access or lack thereof to services, and multigenerational themes or events (e.g. poverty, divorce, health and sickness, ablement, discrimination, etc.) on developmental aspects of the Life Cycle. There is no prescribed format for the interview or its contents. Evidence of Theory Integration should be obvious. Your paper must be written in APA format