book review of klizman s the trembling mountain 2 pages 1

Your task is to write a Book Review of Klizman’s The Trembling Mountain (2 pages) single spaced. The key difference between a book review and traditional book reports is that a book review and traditional book reports is that a book review does not merely summarize the contents of the book. Rather, it outlines the key messages, strengths, and weaknesses of the book. It also discusses the works structure and contrinutions. It is presented in a way that is compelling, concise, and readable.

this requires a careful and critical reading of the book and a balance of including material that is relevant and interesting to the reader while pruning out surface summaries.

feel free to write your review in the first person but support your ideas and analysis with evidence from the book. towards the end of the review reflect on the issues that surprised or intrigued you the most. for example was klitzman criticism of the stone-age natives justified or was it simply a way of life existence that challenged his norms? are there any ethical issues with the Western researchers or missionaries going in and trying to change local culture or do we have Rice to go in and try to save people from harm or disease that might be bringing on themselves? are there lessons to be learnt from preventing mad cow disease? are there issues for imposing rules in one society but not in another?

whatever the most compelling issues of the book are right about them and spend some time developing a thoughtful review.