business overview and secondary research

In this class, you will be writing a marketing plan in 4 papers (Part 1, 2A, 2B, 3) throughout the quarter based on the business idea in this Part 1 assignment (ie, use the exact same business for all parts of the Marketing Plan).

Watch the video on salty snack food (Links to an external site.). In Part 1 of the Marketing Plan, please download the template.(required). If you do not have Microsoft Word, upload template to GoogleDocs then download as PDF after completion. Submit the completed PDF to assignment upload link below.

Paragraph 1: Business Overview (come up with a new business in salty snack foods. DO NOT select other types of businesses and DO NOT describe an existing company/product such as Doritos). Pick your business name and describe your new product (not service) idea in 2-3 sentences (a product idea may be something like spicy carrot chips.)

Paragraph 2: define the salty snack market opportunity by summarizing the Goldman video in 3-5 sentences.

Paragraphs 3-5:

Conduct an Internet search about the market opportunities/trends and competitive environment. Identify 3 or more secondary sources that impact your business from the list in Table 10.1, where each article must be from a different sources listed in the table. Do not use personal blogs or wikipedia. Some examples of reputable business news sources such as NYT, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek and market research companies such as Gartner, Nielson, or industry group reports. Do not use the Goldman Sach’s article/video we already reviewed. Use data no more than 3 years old except for census. In real life, you will need more than 3 sources.

DO NOT copy/paste directly from your sources. Rephrase, summarize, and synthesize. You must have less than 20% copied/pasted for this entire paper to receive a grade. List the 3 URLs. They must be clickable and the sources must be in English and relevant to your business (use the chainlink symbol above this project description to make an URL clickable). In addition to summarizing the pertinent data from the articles, explain how the information support or change your product idea.


Please refer to the Written Assignment Guidelines for formatting, submission procedure, and cutoff % for Turnitin plagiarism check. Read this upload instruction if you do not know how to submit assignment files on Canvas. You must UPLOAD the file by scrolling to the bottom of this screen and click to upload; do not email, message, or copy into comment field. DO NOT submit GoogleDocs URL link. Do not log into directly. Please contact Canvas tech support if you cannot upload after you read the upload instructions. Your turnitin plagiarism score should ideally be zero. Papers with greater than 25% plagiarism check will receive zero grade.

Your points earned for this assignment will be based on a grading rubric. Click on “Grades” on left and then click on the name of the assignment. There will be a “Show Rubric” button at the top right corner of the page to see the grading rubric.

***IMPORTANT: Please double check you have submitted the correct file. Far too many students in the past quarters claimed they had submitted the wrong file and asked to submit another file late without penalty. To be fair to everyone in the class, no allowance will be made.

The instructor typically will turnaround the grades for written assignments in one week. Longer papers may take up to 2 weeks.