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Comparing Herman & Chomsky and Plato

Are Herman & Chomsky (H&C) and Plato saying the same thing or quite different things?

Clearly there are similarities: the authors all claim that information systems (based, however, on different technologies) are used to shape the public consciousness. All identify key roles in society: the masses/public, the shadow-makers/media, the rulers/powerful societal interests, and the philosophers/critics.

Yet there are differences, too. There are differences in emphasis. For example, H&C focus on the mechanisms by which societal interests influence the media (the five filters) and the rhetorical techniques used to sway the public (e.g. worthy and unworthy victims.)

More importantly, there are fundamental differences in the actual (bad) rulers and the desired (good) rulers. Plato is skeptical of rule by the people (democracy), even suggesting that the public is the problem. H&C seem to embrace democracy, believing that if you tell the public the truth, it will be accepted.

Please elaborate on this comparison, going into greater depth and adding other points as appropriate. Your analysis should focus especially on the authors’ different views on democracy, i.e. on the fitness of the people to rule themselves. Take one or the other authors’ side and argue for it.


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