caribbean arts and cultures research paper two parts 1

Research Process:

Since it is no longer possible for you to carry out research onsite at Wells Library, I expect you to use Wells Library electronic resources, such as eBooks (in IUCAT) and online journal articles. The most useful online databases of journal articles for this assignment are:


Project Muse

Be sure to also research primary source material from the Caribbean, such as websites for newspapers, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Most Caribbean countries have at least one daily newspaper online. You should be able to find these by a simple Google search of the name of the country and “newspaper.” You can then use the newspaper website search feature to research your topic.

First Part

Research Paper

Your paper must include a clear thesis and a logical and persuasive argument. A thesis is an assertion of a truth to be defended. State your thesis in the first paragraph of your paper. An argument is a logical development of a thesis, supported by evidence. Make sure that your argument is supported by concrete evidence and that you fully reference all sources.

The text of your paper must be 5-6 pages in length, with double spacing, 1-inch margins, and 12-point Times New Roman font. Include endnotes and full references on an additional page. When referencing a journal article accessed online, cite the journal, not the online database.

Your paper must be well written in terms of structure, grammar, and spelling.

For assistance with your writing, see various guides at (including “How to Write a Thesis Statement”). You can also visit Writing Tutorial Services in the Learning Commons at Wells Library. See for details.

Your paper will be graded in terms of the quality of your research, argument, and writing.

Second Part

Research Presentation (PowerPoint) Your research presentation must be a PowerPoint show consisting of 7 slides. Condense the main points of your paper into a few brief texts (including your thesis) and add some photographs or other images. If relevant, you may also include links for one or two videos. Indicate the start time and end time for watching a video (no more than two minutes each).