case union carbide corporation and bhopal 8

Read the Union Carbide Corporation and Bhopal case, In lieu of answering the questions that follow the case, you will respond to the prompt below;

Consider the concerns as described in this case and prepare a memorandum that addresses the concerns described below. Your memo should be completed in narrative form (you may use headings if you choose to do so for organizational purposes, but do not list your responses in bullet form). Maximum page length: 10 pages (double spaced).

Identify all of the potential ethical issues you see (if any). Describe and analyze the implications of each issue, including who or what were affected by the company’s response. In identifying issues and addressing their implications, your discussion should be as comprehensive as possible—you should consider any economic, social, or ecological implications.

Additionally, your analysis should thoroughly identify and discuss at least two potential courses of action that the company could have taken with respect to each issue you have discussed. Clearly demonstrate your reasoning process—identify and explain any ethical principles or arguments you are relying on; do not simply state unsupported conclusions.

If you apply any approaches to ethical reasoning that you learned about in this course, clearly state what they are and how you are applying them to this case. Of the possible solutions you identified, which would you recommend that the company should have adopted as a resolution? Again, fully explain and justify your recommendations. Finally, explain how you would implement each solution you have recommended.

just read and follow carefully all the instructions



When you compile a program it produces an OBJECT file. A number of these object files (along with library files) are combined into an EXECUTABLE file by the LINKER. It is the linker’s responsibility to combine the objects and resolve as many references as possible and produce an executable format file. The LOADER Is responsible for converting the executable image on disk to a runnable process in memory. This involves the relocation of the program to its starting point in memory as well as any dynamic linking and loading.


Compare and contrast the linker versus the loader and detail the features and structures of each. Show the actual specification of the embedded data structures and how they are transformed in the linking and loading processes.


The paper must include an abstract, detailed explanations, diagrams, references and were necessary a glossary of terms. The paper must also include a detailed bibliography of all cited and referenced materials. It is expected that this paper be at least 4 pages in length not including diagrams, abstract and bibliography.

in an accountable care organization aco

In an accountable care organization (ACO), insurance companies are looking at how health care organizations care for a specific population. How do you think this impacts the health of the population?

costs in the long run


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Based on the following maximization condition:

marginal product of labor/wage rate= marginal production of capital/ costs of capital

Offer as many explanations as possible for the following:

ATM machines replacing bank tellers

robots replacing production workers

online teaching

fewer secretariestypists

less first class mail

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linear algebra homework 8

You will use Matlab as a tool to solve linear algebrea math question. However, you do not need to submit the code, just make sure you answer the question correct. Finish the homework.

polymers polymers

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15 short answer

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due week 2 and worth 100 points choose one of the professional scenarios provided in blackboard under the course info tab or click here to view them in a new window write a professional email message in the form of figure 5 1 on page 84 of bcom9 from

Due Week 2 and worth 100 points

Choose one of the professional scenarios provided in Blackboard under the Course Info tab, or click here to view them in a new window.

Write a Professional Email Message (in the form of Figure 5.1 on page 84 of BCOM9) from the perspective of a character in the scenario. The email should discuss the communication issue provided in the scenario and should be addressed to another character from the scenario.

The message should take the form of an email; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell.

The professional email message must adhere to the following requirements:

1. Content:

  1. Address the communication issue from the scenario.
  2. Request a face-to-face meeting to discuss the issue (at a specific time).
  3. Concentrate on the facts of the situation and avoid using overly emotional language.
  4. Assume your recipient is learning about the situation for the first time through your communication.

2. Format:

  1. Use a descriptive subject line or heading.
  2. Include an appropriate and professional greeting / salutation.
  3. Use email form including: To:, From:, Subject:, and Signature.

3. Clarity / Mechanics:

  1. Focus on clarity, writing mechanics, and professional language/style requirements.
  2. Run spell/grammar check before submitting.

4. Your assignment must:

  1. This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.

5. Submitting your assignment:

  1. Submit your assignment through the online course shell only.

6. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  1. Plan, create, and evaluate professional documents.
  2. Deliver professional information to various audiences using appropriate tone, style, and format.
  3. Analyze professional communication examples to assist in revision.

chapter review form 3

Fill out the chapter review form for Chapter 21 of the Divine textbook and PowerPoint(ppt is a summary of the textbook of chapter 21). Write about three events and three historical figures. Make sure to use your own words.

islam question women in islam

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