choose any advertisement or commercial from google as long as it s recent no more than 2 years old and write about it

Essay #3 Proposal

Step 1: Provide the picture of the ad or the link to the ad/commercial below:

Step 2: Use the following prompts to guide your analysis of the advertisement of your choice, focusing on how the ad relies on particular strategies and rhetorical appeals to persuade its audience.


What exactly is the ad selling? A product? An experience? An idea?


Who is the target audience? What age group does the ad target? What specific groups (education level, ethnicity, economic class, political views) or interests (fashion, hunting, fitness)?


What message is the ad sending to the audience?

Assumptions (principles, beliefs, and values upon which arguments or parts of arguments rest.)

What is the underlying assumption in the ad? What “common ground” does the audience and the advertiser share?

Rhetorical Appeals

Which rhetorical appeal does the ad rely on to persuade its audience? Pathos? Logos? Ethos? How do these appeals operate both through language and through imagery?


Is there a misuse of pathos, logos, or ethos as a persuasive strategy? Are there any fallacies in the ad?

Language/ Words

What is the tone? (Is the text humorous, sad, sarcastic, serious?)What overall effect does this language convey?


Describe the ad’s use of color, font, font size, pictures, etc. What overall effect do these features convey?

Medium and Context

How was the ad distributed? (ie television, internet, radio, magazine, billboard)? In what country and at what historical moment was the advertisement produced? How does the ad reflect, comment on, challenge, or reinforce contemporary political, economic, or gender beliefs?

Connections to Culture

Does the ad use famous events or places or recognizable symbols to increase its persuasiveness? If so, how does that establish audience or a relationship to a cultural moment?