collaborative business report

Based on what you’ve learned about informal reports, you and your assigned partner will compose 4-6 page (no less, no more) problem-solving report in which you explore a problem on Coastal’s campus (except parking) and offer a solution. You must include appropriate headings and follow the format found on pages 292-296 of your textbook. Include at least one graphic (preferably not a mere photograph). I’m most concerned with your writing, so graphics should not take up most of your document. Please review the graphics section of your textbook.

You may divide the work as you see fit. At least one person should submit the document on Moodle.

If you encounter trouble with your partner regarding contact or work ethic, please email me ASAP about the issue.

I will assign partners in time.

To initiate contact with your partner(s), click on Participants in the upper left corner of your Moodle page. Then click on the person’s name. Once the person’s profile is showing, click on Message at the top of the screen. Here you can exchange email addresses and/or phone numbers to work on your document together. You will know you have a message waiting if you see a red notification by your name in the upper right corner upon signing in.

The completion of this assignment should meet the following Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Exhibit the qualities of good professional writing and document design.
  • Exhibit awareness of the special needs of the business/professional


  • Apply skills in word processing applications.
  • Apply skills as thorough proofreaders.