complete art assignment due ctc


  • Select TWO questions/topics from the list below.
  • Write your response in essay format.
  • Your response to each question/topic must be more than 200 words for full credit.
  • Please rewrite the question/topic to which you are responding.


  • Define symbolism and iconography and describe the difference between them.
  • Discuss two different structures built for religious use. Explain how the form is related to purposes and how the form is used by that religious group. Be specific about how it meets particular rituals or other needs of the group.
  • Describe why and how art and artists have been considered to have exceptional power in some cultures.
  • Describe how rulers have used images of themselves to enhance their authority. Cite examples.
  • Explain why images of defeated rulers, dead rulers, or monuments of an occupied culture might be defaced or destroyed.
  • Describe the use of tribal masks for rituals in different cultures.
  • Select two ethically controversial works of art from different periods in history. Explain how each work was received at the time it was made and how changes in societal values have impacted acceptance of the works today.
  • Why is it important that news photographs not be altered?