construct an excel spreadsheet showing a basic income statement balance sheet and statement of cash flows

Week 3 Assignment: Construct Financial Statements (CO3, ILO.B.SK.3, SK.5, IS.4)

Construct a basic income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. If you are far enough along in your business, please use those figures; if you are close, guestimate you figures. If you have not yet decided on a specific business, design these three statements using your personal information. Upload your completed spreadsheet in one document to the assignment area. If you are not familiar about how to create an Excel worksheet, please review the Readings & Resources.

My idea:

Is on having a home dog training course and a kit. The kit will be in such a way to be put together by the customer of the idea. The kit is designed to include cones, ramp, treat bag, tunnel, command platform and shock collar. There will also be a study guide booklet that will teach the customer step by step on how to go about to the training the dog. There will also be an APP where the customers may download in their smart phones and thus allow the customers to link with a professional dog trainer. There will also be a tracker to see the progress of the dog as well as marking goals and timelines all along the way. The first week after the customer will use the app for free and then choose the option of purchasing the subscription monthly.

My product:

Priced at $250 with a profit of $167 per customer. Most dog agility training sets on Amazon are offered at a price more than $100 but they lack the training guide and kit essentials in my product offer. Therefore, using market comparison, the price for my product is right.

I will attach a template to follow for the assignment.