cosc 459 001hotel batabase physical

  1. Use MS Access or your favorite RDBMS to program/implement the Hotel Logical Schema and deliver it in three phases:
    1. Completion of physical table design (50 points)
    2. Population of tables with data (10 Points)
    3. Basic necessary Forms for end-users to work with the database (30 points)
  2. Present your project to the class (10 points)

Note 1: Normalization info: (Links to an external site.)

Note 2: Instructions to download and install Office 365 (which includes Access) on our local machine.

  1. Go to Office 365 Education homepage ( (Links to an external site.))
  2. Enter your school email address
  3. Choose, ‘I am a Student’ option
  4. You should see ‘You have an account with us’ warning because Morgan State has an education license with Microsoft
  5. Continue sign-in
  6. On right hand side you should see ‘Install Office’, choose ‘Office 365 apps’
  7. Install on your local machine using the installation file