create an alice

  • Create an Alice3 world to represent you. You can choose a Starting scene by clicking the Starters tab in the Select Project window, or create a background scene using objects from the Props classes.
  • Next, add one person to represent you (your avatar) using the Sims people (the first 5 people in the Biped class.)
    You can also add other people and animals to create a scene that represents you in some way.
  • Use code to have your avatar say a welcome message.
  • Save the Alice3 program as lastName_firstName_hello.a3p. For example mary_smith_hello.a3p to submit.
  • Submit both the a3p file and the checklist in Blacjboard.


    This is me and my husband in my garden.
    My garden isn’t that big or that lush.
    We both wear glasses but there aren’t any in Alice.Here is the code: