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Today, the world is connected through social media, and there is no better platform to take advantage of it for organizations to reach out. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are the most invested platform for social media advertisements (Jolly, 2020). Because Facebook has the most monthly users when compared to other social media, the company will be able to reach out the most when used as an advertisement platform. Thus, this paper will go more in-depth on Facebook. However, there are some downsides of social media affecting the organization, and it should be carefully approached when allowing employees to use it on an organization’s IT asset and implementing social media advertisements.


Facebook has been out for over a decade and is very well known throughout the world, with more than two billion monthly users (Jolly, 2020). The privacy issue is the most concerned topic when it comes to social media, and Facebook is not any different. Facebook has many problems with the privacy of its own. For example, Facebook was accused of not protecting user’s data from being harvested without their consent, data breach compromised personal information of about 50 million users (Isaac & Kang, 2019), collecting text messages and phone call records through smartphone apps without consent, and a glitch that publicized private posts (Ho, 2018).

It makes sense that hackers are trying to attack Facebook because it is the most used social media in the world, and this increases the potential compromise of users’ privacy. Even privacy policy is carefully implemented within Facebook, vulnerability, and risks still reside and are inevitable. Here is what could happen if PBI decides to use Facebook for advertisement. The account could be hacked, resulting in damage in reputation and compromising the integrity of PBI’s service or product (Fanaras, 2020). One small incident from the use of social media can lose customers’ confidence.

The organization should not allow employees to use Facebook and other social media platform on PBI’s IT assets. If the social media advertising service is approved to be used, only appointed members should have access using the organization’s network. There are potential risks of using Facebook if employees are allowed to use it on the company’s IT assets. For example, social engineering and malware, and the virus could be introduced through a malicious link and negatively affect the CIA of the organization’s IT information or information system.


Social media platform provides an organization to reach out and advertise its product or service. Facebook offers an advertisement platform that gives the client the power to target the type of audience the organization want. The use of social media to promote the company’s service could be beneficial for PBI. Still, this method of marketing should be carefully considered since it has the potential to be hacked and negatively affect the organization. Also, the use of Facebook in an organization’s IT should be restricted because unwanted risks could be introduced, such as malware and virus and social engineering.


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