demonstrate your ability to create a web site using joomla your web site should consist of at least 6 pages see specific requirements below under requirements create a site about a business

What to turn in

Turn in one MS Word file including:

  • your name and the name/topic of your project
  • print screens of all 6 web pages
  • clearly label each screen print with the features included
  • print screen of user manager documenting 3 users with limited access (3 different access levels)
  • print screen of template manager showing your selected template as the default template
  • print screen of template layout (the graphical layout showing when clicking the eye in template manager)
  • in general, if you can’t fit all of your page on one page, consider taking 2 screenshots, or size the window to less than 100%

Make sure your full name is included on your main page as well as at the beginning of your MS Word document.

Turn in the word document with all required screen prints on Blackboard under Assignments / Project.