design assignment 2

The goal of this assignment is to help you think about document design and to help you begin to experiment with the page design of your proposal.

Directions: Use the draft of your proposal( it is attached ) and the information that you learned in Chapters 11 and 12 to answer the questions here is the link of the book ;

below. Use a different color font to write your response

1.According to your textbook, what is the difference between chunking, queuing, and filtering? And why are they important to use when creating a document for a particular audience?

2.Did you use any of these design techniques (chunking, queuing, or filtering) for the draft of your proposal? Briefly discuss the design technique/s (chunking, queuing, and/or filtering) that would work best for the design of your final proposal? Explain why you selected this technique and how you will change your final draft to reflect the use of your selected technique.

3.How could a designer use some of the design techniques mentioned in Chapter 11 without compromising the APA or IEEE rules for style?

4.Look at Table 12.1 (Chapter 12, page 305) in your textbook. Based on the information given on Table 12.1, which kind of graphic would work best for your proposal? Explain why.

5.How many graphics will you need to include in your proposal to help your audience clearly understand the information that you are trying to convey? Explain.

6.Sometimes, document designers fail to follow the guidelines for presenting photographs effectively. Look at the guidelines on page 327 (Chapter 12) and discuss the guideline/s you might follow if you had to insert a photograph in your document.

7.Based on what you read in Chapter 11, how does typography help make your document easy to read?

8.What changes in typography can you make on your proposal to create a document that is easy to read?

9.According to Chapter 11, one of the goals of document design is to help readers understand the structure of the hierarchy of the information. What design features can you add to your proposal to help readers understand the structure of the hierarchy of the information? Explain.

10.Another goal of document design is to make a good impression on readers. How can you use color in your proposal to meet this goal? Explain