discuss the impact this test has had on how states have regulated abortions

Over the years, the courts, the U.S. Congress, and state legislatures have developed legal doctrine and policies to guarantee and regulate women’s access to abortion. This eventually led to the creation of the “undue burden test.” In a short essay, discuss what the undue due test is and the court case that first introduced it. Additionally, discuss the impact this test has had on how states have regulated abortions.

Your answers should be concise, coherent essays that advance an argument, not just simply listings of bullet points.

This paper should be 2 ½ to 3 double-spaced pages, must be typed in legible (12 or 11 pt.) font, and have margins of one (1) inch.

References: Be sure to give references (including page numbers or dates of lectures) whenever quoting directly or using another’s idea, argument, etc. MLA, APA and Chicago are all acceptable citation styles.

Quotation Limit: You must use your own words in this assignment. You are not allowed to use direct quotes in this paper. Note that any idea that you take from an assigned reading or other source must be properly cited even if you do not use a direct quote from those sources.

Grading Criteria: You will be graded on the content of your argument. As usual, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of writing will be considered when grading this paper.