discussion post is there such thing as a usuable past

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I am also attaching the original answer to question.

Is there such a thing as a “usable past?” What are Fea’s thoughts, and how do you weigh in on this now that you’ve taken an entire semester’s worth of history? Is the past usable or useful?

What does Fea mean when he talks about the past as a “foreign country?” Do you agree or disagree with this notion, why/why not? In what ways is the past not useful, usable, helpful, or even dangerous?

If you recall, at the beginning of the course – in Discussion Board #1 – I asked: what do you believe is the main reasons, or purpose, for studying history? – I promised I would ask this again. I want you to review how you answered that question and answer it again. Has your answer changed? How so? Has it stayed the same? Why do you suppose this? Lastly, Fea suggests two “virtues” for why we should study history, what are they, and do they differ from your answers? Do you agree or disagree with him?