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For the case of MTC, overall scope and quality of an IT solution is the most important aspect to keep in mind. Overall, the affect of a high quality system will have lasting effects. A simple example of this can be seen in the numerous communications that occur between recruiters, administrative assistants, recruitment managers, hiring managers, and HR. A quality system with the appropriate scope, including integration with payroll and timekeeping software, will ease the administrative burden felt by these stakeholders. If implementation is done incorrectly, inefficiencies will become apparent overtime. Resulting in MTC not meeting appropriate support of their strategic goal, increasing market presence over the next five years.

Addressing core requirements for the system and user is vital in the implementation of a lasting IT solution, whether it is COTS or SaaS. Alongside this aspect, it is also important to address scope creep. As mentioned before, this improvement is intended to be an enterprise solution for the hiring system and not adding to the payroll/timekeeping applications. To ensure that both of these subjects are met, it is important to develop and implement a change management process. Jenkin, Chan, and Sabherwal state that “planning has been viewed as critical to meeting project targets (e.g., lower budget variances), producing high-quality software, and enhancing project success” (2019). Furthermore, projects should be re-evaluated during execution of the system to adjust scope and ensure quality. This would result in the best possible chance of satisfying expectations of both the user and senior leadership towards the project.


Jenkin, T. A., Chan, Y. E., & Sabherwal, R. (2019). Mutual Understanding in Information Systems Development: Changes Within and Across Projects. MIS Quarterly, 43(2), 649–671. doi: 10.25300/misq/2019/13980