eng 101 comparison amp amp contrast essay

•Research source materials that provide support/evidence for your thesis (your argument/claim).

•Develop your THESIS STATEMENT. Note: your thesis statement must be underlined

•Your paper must be at least three full pages, in strict MLA format, using formal language, and following the rules of academic (college-level) writing

•Write your concluding paragraph (restates the point of your paper, and adds a viewpoint about the comparison/contrast, or insightful observation (a substantive conclusion) with which to close your paper so the reader goes away satisfied…that is, what is the point of this comparison/contrast (always know your purpose for writing).

•Decide whether you will be doing a subject-by-subject (BLOCK) or point-by-point structure.

•Each page of your essay must have at least one in-text citation that reference your Works Cited

•Use the stories “My Mother Never Worked” vs. “I Want a Wife”