eng 102 broad research on magic 1

Find THREE articles (or two articles and one video source) and complete the Source Evaluation Worksheet for each.

You will research an aspect of magic that is interesting to you (any kind of magic that the tutor is interested in researching) You will be given a lot of leeway when choosing your research topic.

You should start your research by learning broadly about your topic. Here are some ideas for how to get started:

1. Watch a Ted Talk or a documentary: Sometimes it helps to have an expert teach you about a topic in video form. Watch a Ted Talk or a Documentary to learn more about your topic. You may use one Ted Talk or documentary as a source in your final paper. Hint: Use your HCC ID email to access Kanopy, a streaming service that offers hundreds of documentaries on many different topics.

2. Do a basic Google search: Use search terms such as “History of…” or “Origin of …” Be sure to choose articles that are from reputable sources. What does magic represent in human culture? Why is magic so prominent in modern media (movies, books, tv, etc)? What is the relationship between magic and gender? What is the relationship between magic and religion?What are the positive effects/negative effects of believing in magic? How does magic relate to human psychology/sociology/anthropology? How can representations of magic help us to better understand our history/ancestors?

3. Complete Source Evaluation Worksheets right away: You will be required to complete a Source Evaluation Worksheet for each of the 3 sources you use in your essay. Complete the worksheet right after you’ve read the article so that the details will still be fresh in your mind. This will help you write your essay later too.

4. Remember that your research is just beginning. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find exactly what you want. Let the research take you somewhere new and unexpected.

Source Evaluation Worksheet


Title of Article:

Link to Article:

Thesis of Article:

Purpose of Article: Inform/Persuade/Entertain

1. Who is the author of the article? What do you know about them?

2. Who is the intended audience for this article?

3. Summarize the article here:

4. How do you know this source is reputable?

5. How is this article useful for your paper?

6. What are three quotes from the article that you plan to use in your paper?

7. What are some things you’re noticing about this writer’s style/rhetoric/word choice/structure?