essay american federal government

The Outside Reading Assignment is a 5 page, double-spaced, paper on this reading:.

“Will Marijuana Make Federalism Go Up in Smoke?” by Jonathan H. Adler. Can be accessed from

It as to be a 5 page essay or it is not going to be graded

Assignments will be graded on how well they covered the following three criteria;

1. Assignments should include a summary of what the Outside Reading Assignment was about (summaries that are longer than half of the assignment’s length will be deducted points).

2. Assignments should include a discussion of something that the student either learned or something that the student found particularly interesting in that reading. Essentially you should answer the question, “What was interesting to you in this piece and why was that interesting?”

3. Assignments should include a short discussion of a follow-up that they had to the reading. This can either be an implication of the piece or it can highlight something the student wished that the author had covered in more detail. Students should discuss and justify their question/follow-up.