ethnocentrism reflection paper 2 3 pages


You need to submit a 2-4 page reflection paper answering the question below. Please use Times New Roman size 12 Font, Double Spaced, and use the standard margins. The Heading should only have your name.

The successful completion of this reflection will give you a 88/88 (100%) score. Not doing the assignment, or not submitting it on time, or attempts to email the assignment to me, will result in a 0. You will also lose points for not using examples from the objectives from Module 4.

Here is the question to reflect on –

Accurately define Ethnocentrism at the beginning of your paper, and then answer the following:

How does Ethnocentrism adversely affect perceptions on ‘Who counts as American’? Use examples from The Islamic Pacifism Packet, and the documentaries The Unwelcome Muslims Next Door and Divided We Fall from Module 4 in your writing.

Feel free to cite and use information, lectures, documentaries, guest lectures and your own opinion to support your argument. However, you DO NOT have to cite.

Module 4


Complete the following tasks in this order –

1) First, read through this article about how Islam is a pacifist religion. This comes from Arsalan Iftikhar’s book, Islamic Pacifism: Global Muslims in the Post-Osama Era

2) Watch Divided We Fall online by click on the blue hyperlink.

3) Watch The Unwelcome Muslims Next Door online by click on the blue hyperlink.


For this Module you do not have a graded assignment… except that the assignment for Module 5 is that you will write a reflection paper which will ask you to use your knowledge from the 4 listed assignments above. In other words, without reading and watching the assignments above, you will not be able to properly respond to Module 5’s essay question.

Divided We Fall is an award winning documentary that was filmed by a Valarie Kaur while she was in college at Harvard. After 9/11, she took a camera and drove to NYC to begin filming and ended up creating an incredible documentary about Islamophobic hate crimes and murders that were being committed to Sikh people across the country because they wear turbans. The documentary does a great job of exploring how America has a historical legacy of persecuting minorities during times of national duress or crisis.

The Unwelcome Muslims Next Door is a CNN documentary by Soledad O’brien and she came here to Murfreesboro, TN to document the protests and hate crimes being committed against our Muslim community as they tried to exercise their constitutional right to build a house of worship. I believe it was filmed and released in 2009/2010.