film analysis 78

Choose a film from one of these lists – but they must be in English, after 1957, not a documentary and not animated – and not one we’ve watched. (HAVE WATCHED: CITIZEN KANE, TAXI DRIVER) CANNOT HAVE THE SAME DIRECTOR AS THESE FILMS……

THIS ANALYSIS DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES. This is purely a film analysis and is casually written, but THOROUGHLY answers each question with. only outside source needed is the reaction to a review by a critic.

You need to TIME STAMP all examples you provide.

Answer in detail and with examples the following five questions:

What is the central message of this film?

Do the scenes go together; do they add up to something; is there a rhythm established so that there is form, shape, climax, building up of tension? Give examples.

Are the characters consistent? Are they properly motivated? Give examples.

Give examples of five types of shots in the film – as well as three uses of lighting and three uses of sound. Describe them in detail, and explain why you think the director made those choices.

Select a section of a published review by a respected critic and give your reaction (whether you agree or disagree and why or why not). Cite the specific review.