finish geometry problem set

  • Show your work AND explain your reasoning (this is the why not the how) in complete English sentences. Explanations must directly follow the solution for each part of the problem.

    Tips:You need to correctly solve the problems. You must show work, correct solutions, and write English sentences explaining your reasoning, not just how but also why you did what you did (if you think it, write it). The problem sets are graded by one of the IAs using a set of solutions that I have provided. One of them wrote the following about how to get full credit:”When you’re working on your problem sets, be sure to show all of your work and explain everything you and why did in clear English sentences. Lots of people lose points on their explanations, especially at the beginning of the semester. Make sure you use your sentences to actually explain what you did and why rather than just writing out your answer in a sentence, for example:”James has $5 left” is just your answer written in a sentence and will not get you points for explaining your work”Since James started with $10 but spent $4 on coffee and $1 on Skittles, he has $5 left. Since James spent money, I subtracted the $5 he spent from the $10 he started with to get my answer” includes the answer and the explanation of how you got your answer and why you did what you did. This would get you points for explaining your work.”