finish the 2 question for c language

The code shown below is part of a video game program, where it is trying to load from a save file of high scores. Finish the code so that it displays every score in the save file, right aligned, with 3 characters set aside for each name and then 12 characters for each high score. Use the manipulator “setw()” to accomplish this. Each high score should be on its own line. A sample of the contents of the save file is also shown.

  • The code below is part of a program that will print outn and tell the user if it is a prime number, based on user input.It will keep looping back until the user enters a special number.You may assume that the user always enters positive whole numbers from 2 onward (unless it’s the special number).Write/modify the code so that, when embedded in a complete program, it will:

-make the program run as intended.

-accurately keep track of the total of any prime values entered, and only display this total after the user decides to exit.