freud reflection paper assignment

In 1933, in a lecture called “The Question of a Weltanschauung (worldview),” Freud defined a worldview as “an intellectual construction which solves all the problems of our existence uniformly on the basis of one overriding hypothesis.” Armand Nicholi, a Harvard psychiatrist, claims that our worldview “helps us understand where we come from, our heritage; who we are, our identity; why we exist on this planet, our purpose; what drives us, our motivation, and where we are going, our destiny.” Dr. Nicholi asserts, “Most of us make one of two basic assumptions: we view the universe as a result of random events and life on this planet as a matter of chance; or we assume an Intelligence beyond the universe who gives the universe order, and life meaning.”

Based on Dr. Nicholi’s insights above, in a paper of 3-4 pages (double spaced, times new roman size 12 font), please explore your understanding of how one’s worldview affects one’s perception of the good life. Please use specific examples from Freud.