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Reflection Report

There are definitely some interesting challenges to how we present ourselves online–especially nowadays when mediated communication is our primary mode while we shelter-in-place. In face-to-face interactions, there are lots of communicative cues that people can pay attention to. However, in online interactions, the amount of communication we communicate is more controlled. We tend to selectively self-present in order to manage the impressions of ourselves.

In some ways, online communication gives us flexibility to craft ourselves and put a particular self/face out there.

REFLECT on the following (and then scroll down to see what you will write and SUBMIT)

1. How do you want to be seen online?

That is, how would you answer this question:

I want to be seen as _____________________________ (What adjectives would you use here).

2. Compare your description to one online platform where you post most frequently. Review your online profile and/or communication messages, and at least 8-10 of your most recent photos, posts, and/or messages and think about the following: Does how you want to be seen vs. what you post match? Have you ever distorted your self-presentation online to make yourself appear more attractive or appealing? What were (if any) the consequences—for yourself or others—of creating this online mask?

(Consider revising or deleting content that doesn’t match your desired face).


After you have completed this reflective exercise, submit the following to me for your reflection report (Typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins, approximately 1-2 pages).

1. Complete this statement:

I want (desire) to be seen as _____________________________ (What adjectives would you use here).

2. Write a brief summary (suggested word count of 200-300 words) of what you found out about your online presentation and impression management (just a description is fine, you don’t have to share any photos with me if you don’t want to). Include in your summary your answers to these questions:

-Does how you want to be seen vs. what you post match? Why/Why not?

-If you have distorted your online presentation, do you think there are any relational consequences (for yourself or others) of creating/maintaining this online mask?

-What would you need to do to in the future to present yourself in a ways that might mesh with your desired presenting self/face (i.e as a means of identity/impression management)?

Report: Due Sunday, April 26 by 11pm.

You will submit this as a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf file that you will upload. Please use 1-inch margins, 12 point font and double-spaced. Approximately 1 page.


This assignment is worth 10 points.