history of immigration to the united states

History of Immigration to the United States

Reading: ( Early Colonial Development, The New Immigrants)

Two short response papers (about two pages each, double-spaced) addressing two readings. Briefly summarize/discuss the readings and describe your personal reactions/opinions (commentary) about the readings and topics. Papers should show evidence that you did all the readings (you should not just write about your own opinion based on your general knowledge of the topic or respond to only one or two specific things that the readings happen to mention). Good response papers should do more than merely summarize the readings.

your response paper will be graded based on the following criteria:

  1. a) Content (45% of grade): Is the student using and/or referencing material from the readings?
  2. b) Reaction (30% of grade): Is the student expressing a thoughtful response/opinion/commentary about the reading/topic?
  3. c) Organization and writing (25% of grade): Is the paper well-organized and written?