i need this paper written for my business class

Choose one of the following companies: Blockbuster, Toys R’ Us, Circuit City, GameStop, or TiVo. Provide an in-depth analysis of how the company was founded and include a brief history. It should include an overview of their business model and their primary methods of creating revenue. All of these companies have faced challenges relevant to our discussion in The Infinite Game, and a thorough exploration of these obstacles should be included. It should ultimately discuss the technological, social, cultural, and economic challenges your chosen organization faced. This paper should conclude with a discussion of how you would have handled these challenges.

1)Must strictly adhere to APA guidelines

2)Must include a cover page

3)Must include an abstract

4)Must be six full pages in length (does not include cover page, abstract, or references)

5)Must include 8 references

a.No more than two of these references can be websites

b.Each reference must be cited in-text at least two times

6)Must include a reference page