i will upload all info below with an example

Please submit your research presentation here.

For your research presentation, you will take the information from your research report, and you will re-present that information in a new genre.

In addition to uploading your chosen genre onto Google Classroom, you will also attempt to submit your genre for publication. (For example, if you create a letter-to-the-editor for a newspaper, you should actually submit your letter to an actual newspaper of your choice, for the purpose of having the newspaper publish it. Likewise, if you create a YouTube video, a podcast, a Facebook/Twitter post, a TikTok, etc., you should actually post it online so that you can communicate your points to an actual audience.)

The genre that you choose to create is up to you, and there are no length requirements. However, think about the genre that will be most effective for persuading your audience (i.e., me, your classmates, and the readership/viewership of the publication/forum/medium where you sent your new research-backed genre).

Before you submit/upload your new genre, I HIGHLY recommend that you look at some already-published/uploaded examples of your genre in the publication/medium that you intend to submit/upload to. (For example, if you’re writing a letter-to-the-editor for the DAILY ATHENAEUM, you should look at some examples of letters-to-the-editor in that newspaper to see what those letters do, what they look like, and what they’re trying to accomplish. Likewise, if you’re uploading a YouTube video, you should look at other YouTube videos that deal with similar topics to see what those videos do, what they look like, and what they’re trying to accomplish.)

When you submit your presentation on Google Classroom, you should also provide the following information for me and your classmates:

1. What information or points were you trying to convey?
2. What audience were you trying to reach?
3. What genre did you create, and what specific publication/medium did you send/upload your new genre to?
4. What reactions have you received after you submitted your new genre?
5. If you could do this activity a second time, how would you do it differently, based on the responses you received from your actual public audience?

Please upload your presentation by Sunday, April 26, 11:59 pm. Your research presentation will not be graded, but you’ll need to submit it in order to receive participation credit for the week of April 27-May 1.

For the week of April 27-May 1, I will upload a class discussion post on Google Classroom. You will be able to view the students’ research presentations in that discussion post. You will need to post a reply to at least one student’s presentation in order to receive full participation credit for the week of April 27-May 1.