journal of a plague

1- Please read this article and then nav to The ebook to Journal of the Plague Years (Links to an external site.)and search around using control/command+F to find two passages you want to (briefly) mention. I morbidly did “death” (n=51) and “fear” (n=33), but you can do whatever you want. 300 words, around 100 on the article, and then 100 a piece on the journal passages.

2- So, as usual, Netflix ruined my life by taking off the movies I wanted to use two weeks ago: And the Band Played On and Contagion. These are both masterpieces and are available around. If you want to watch them or rent them on Amazon Prime or Hulu or [other weird sites] you may, but I’m not asking you to. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak is on Netflix, and it’s a series. You only have to watch the first episode; but if you watch more, feel free to talk about it….It’s not a documentary you’ll “spoil.”

So, at least one episode of this and 300 words