movie analysing

Please write the paper in a high school level language and don’t use very advanced words.


This assignment is designed to help you realize the importance of interpersonal communication in relationships. You will apply interpersonal communication theories and concepts to a relationship in a movie.


Choose a movie with a clear interpersonal relationship. ( I would like the movie to be Shrek or Tarzan, if you have a different suggestion please ask me first) That relationship must comprise much of the interaction in the movie.

Outline the aspects of interpersonal communication that you find evident in this movie relationship. Refer to your textbook and be certain to use terminology from class in your explanations.

Create a presentation (note: you don’t have to creat a presentation or a powerpoint but you do have to give me an outline of the work so I can create the powerpoint, THIS IS NOT AN EXTRA WORK, IT SUPPOSE TO BE THE SAME WORK but just an outline ) t


1.. The paper should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

2. A synopsis of the movie should be a SMALL portion of the paper. The majority of the paper should be examining the interpersonal communication concepts that you uncovered in the movie.

3. Examine 4-5 interpersonal communication concepts evident in the movie.


Minimal (1)

Indicator not met

Basic (2)

Indicator partially met

Proficient (3)

Indicator met

Advanced (4)

Exemplary Performance

Students will gain attention and interest before stating the topic.

There is no attention-getting strategy.

There is a basic attempt at getting attention.

Student uses attention-getting strategies discussed in class.

Student gains attention effectively and draws audience into the subject.

Students will offer a brief synopsis of the film.

Student has not offered a synopsis, or has made the synopsis the majority of the speech.

Student has attempted to narrow the synopsis appropriately.

The synopsis is narrowed and adapted to the purpose.

The synopsis is exemplary.

Students will deliver the speech within the time constraints.

Student has chosen a topic that is not appropriate for the time constraints or did not meet the time constraints.

Student has gone under or over the time constraints.

Student has met the time constraints within a 15 second cushion over or under time.

Student has narrowed the topic effectively, meeting the time constraints precisely.

Students will employ effective language related to their subject.

Student’s use of language is inappropriate or ineffective.

Student’s use of language is basic.

Student’s use of language is effective.

Student’s use of language is exemplary in its clarity and vividness.

Students will deliver their speech with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Vocal delivery does not reflect interest in the speaker’s subject.

Vocal delivery sometimes reflects the interest the student has in the subject.

Vocal delivery shows the student’s enthusiasm and sincerity about the subject.

Vocal delivery demonstrates the student’s enthusiasm and sincerity about the subject in an exemplary manner.

Students will provide a clear closing statement for the speech.

There is no final thought.

The final thought lacks creativity.

The final thought is effective.

The final thought creates an impact on the audience, leaving listeners with compelling reasons to remember the speech.

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