music appreciation short answer

Do not copy the entire sentence/paragraph from the online sources or textbook please! Use your own words!!!!

Answer 5 of the following 10 prompts.

1. Rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and form are the basic components of music. Describe each of these aspects and how they influence the perception of music.

2. What are the four families of instruments of the orchestra? Give at least 2 examples from each category.

3. What is the role of the conductor in an orchestra?

4. Describe the four types of texture in music (“-phony”). Cite a musical example of each type.

5. Describe how music evolves from the Medieval to Renaissance periods. Discuss from 2 points of view: 1) secular and 2) sacred music. This involves a total of four stylistic comparisons.

6. The chanson and madrigal represent specific cultures in Renaissance secular music. Identify the countries, which language, and the themes/topics of these songs.

7. What is word painting in music? Give at least 2 examples of word painting.

8. What are the parts of Baroque opera? (ex., overture) Describe each of them and give 2 famous composers and their famous operatic compositions.

9. What is the oratorio, and how is it different from opera? What is the famous oratorio discussed in the text, and who is the composer?

10. What is the Baroque concerto? What are the musical forces involved, how many movements, etc. Name 2 famous Baroque concerto composers and their works.