need to do 13 15 pages of ppt and write a speech

Extended Definitions

Individual Presentation to be recorded on Zoom

Due Monday April 20th, 2020

Choose an abstract noun from the list and define it.

★ Guidelines:

Intro: Why did you choose this word?

Thesis: How does this word connect with our quality of life?

Definition: What does it mean (denotation) (connotation)?

Show the term in different forms (Joy, joyful, joyous, enjoy, joyfully).
Explain the difference in usage and use example sentences. (Learner’s dictionary)

Find 2-4 synonyms and explain how they are different from the term. (thesaurus)

Find two quotations that use the term and paraphrase/analyse the quotation.
Wikiquote is a good source. (citations)

Use 3-5 images that illustrate the term.
Explain the connection. (citations)


Why is this word important to describing our quality of life or values?
Why is it important to understand and pursue?

★ Remember…

Transition phrases

Enthusiasm for topic / eye contact with the camera

Relevant visuals

5 minutes total

Abstract noun choice must be approved by me

Elaborate on your slides; do not simply read

Proper reference and citations