nurs 415 country portfolio morocco

Country Portfolio Information

NURS 415 (Health Care in a Global Society)

Each student will construct a digital portfolio on an assigned country that addresses all the course objectives. The portfolio will be submitted as a power point presentation. All the criteria components must be included for a Complete Portfolio.

Criteria components:

  • General country information (an overview of the country to include socio-demographic highlights such as race, gender, age distribution, education, employment/working conditions, socio-economic status.
  • Determinants/indicators of health (current health data for the country; include major public health concerns, data on child health, adolescent health, and women’s health, communicable diseases, noncommunicable diseases, unintentional injuries, and natural disasters.
  • Two Social issues that impact healthcare for country.
  • Two Cultural issues that impact healthcare for country.
  • Economic issues that impact healthcare for country (discuss the connections among health productivity and earnings; describe key relationships among health, the costs of illness, and the impact of health expenditures on poverty; discuss health care cost and financing of health care systems.
  • Two Environmental issues that impact healthcare for country
  • Geopolitical issues that impact healthcare for country (include the government structure and its impact on health care and global health issues)
  • System of health care provision/delivery including the types, defining characteristics, financing, and public health initiatives
  • Two examples of public health programs that are currently implemented in the country; include progress towards meeting millennium development goals.
  • Comparison of health indicators of selected country with those of the United States, a country in East Asia and the Pacific, a country in Europe and Central Asia, a country in Latin America and the Caribbean, a country in Middle East and North Africa, a country in South Asia, and a country in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Two major health disparities in the country
  • Two News-worthy events in the country over the past five years
  • Five Photographs ofcultural materials, and maps

All the above is70%

10%: Spelling, Grammar, and Mechanics

20%: APA format, including cover page, citations, reference page, other details following the publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.).