phil 150 2 discussion questions 1

Your initial responses should be between 250-350 words. Since the discussion board is a formal academic environment for conversational give and take, formal academic writing standards apply in the same way they apply to any other writing assignments. APA formatting is required.

DQ 1

“How much of what you believe to be true have you taken on “faith” – that is, how much rests on the authority of a textbook, a teacher, parents, or friends telling you something is true? Augustine thought most of what we believe to be true fell into this category, and he didn’t mean only religious truths. If he is right, is your confidence (in what you “know” to be true) shaken or fortified?” (See “For Further Thought” Section).

DQ 2

“Imagine you are a slave owner writing what is “true” about slavery. Now imagine you are a slave engaging in the same exercise. Assuming your account is substantially different from the account given by the slave owner, how can we assess which of you has rendered a “truer” account? Is there some truth in what each of you write, or is one of you correct and the other incorrect?” (Mitchell, 2011, 301).