reflection paper 594

After watching the EVAWI Webinar “How do I know You’re Not Lying? Gender Bias, Sexual Assault Response and Start by Believing”.

Please answer each questions in complete sentences and paragraph not to exceed a total of 3 pages.

  1. Define implicit bias and give 2 examples in law enforcement
  2. Give an example of the development of bias in your own life
  3. Describe and give examples of 3 types of gender bias in policing practices
  4. Describe 2 practices that can help address gender bias in law enforcement
  5. Give a short reflection on how we could foster an environment of connection and common ground regarding gender bias in our social and work environment.

This link will bring you to The EVAWI free Webinar Series. The Webinar Content for tonight is “How Do I Know you’re Not Lying”. After watching the Webinar, please complete the short assignment entitled EVAWI; Lying Webinar Reflection on Bblearn.