regulation of internet business and the right of technology privacy in the workplace


You are required to answer both part A and B: (I think you will find this discussion relevant – it should give rise to some interesting debates on the Discussion Board!


Give an example of three of the six settings in which the law applies to conducting business on the internet and your personal experience with each. Did you feel you were legally protected? Were you aware of what your legal protections were?

(check your book!)



Answer the following:

  • What did the Court rule with regard to the California police department right to audit the text messages on a pager the city had issued a police officer.
  • Did the Court hold that an employee has no right to privacy in the work place?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the decision – why or why not?
  • Given the Supreme Court’s ruling in City of Ontario – what do you think of the lawsuit in VA regarding whether hitting “like” is protected free speech? How do you think the court will rule in this case

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Grading Criteria


Discussion Forum Response

  • Addressed all requirements/answered all questions.
  • Wrote substantive postings of 1 or 2 paragraphs (6 – 8 sentences) for each.

10 points

Use of Terms and Ideas Learned

  • Used terms from chapter correctly where appropriate.
  • Used ideas from chapter correctly (with citation) to clarify, explain, or support an argument.

5 points

Contribution to Discussion

  • Replied in thoughtful, meaningful, and helpful ways.
  • Advanced the discussion whenever possible.

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Response to posting of other students

  • Responses to posting of two students

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