sciencie work 1

1 Calculate the wind energy in each of the following:

(a) a hurricain with winds of 125 miles per hour.

(b) a cyclone with gusting wind of 235 miles per hour.

(c) a sea breeze of 45 m.p.h

2. A house has five solar panels, each measuring 55 meters long and 40 meters wide. Calculate the total elrctricity generated by these solar panels in a 24 hour day. Show calculation.

3. A train travels 455 miles from one city to another. If the train requires 5500 KW per mile, calculate how much of each of the following will be needed for the train:

(i) pure coal

(ii) impure coal

(iii) gasoline

(iv) how many Large 500 volts batteries are needed.

4. How much heat energy ( Kilocalories) is produced by boiling 1500 grams of water by raising temperature from 25 C to 100C. Show calculation.

5. Draw the diagram of a flashlight battery. Label all parts.

6-7. A cooking stove requires 450 Kcal/min to cook a 45 minute meal, how much of each pf the following is needed to cook this meal:

(a) pure coal

(b) high octane hasoline

(c) propane gas

8-10. Draw TWO diagrams:(i) Low frequency ocean wave

(b) high frequency ocean wave