short essay 750 words love in l a dagoberto gilb

Write a short essay 750+ words (without references) that answers the following based on the Dagoberto Gilb Case Study:

Which Gilb story provoked the strongest reaction in you (it can be either positive or negative association)? Why that story? Show examples from the text that help illustrate your point.

In class we discussed three stories from Dagoberto Gilb:

  • Love in L.A. 1993 (let’s do the essay based on this one because it’s very short and easy to understand)
  • Shout 2001
  • Uncle Rock 2011

The only reference allowed is the class book:

Gilb, Dagoberto. “Love in L.A.” Meyer, Michael. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing. Eleventh. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016. 406-408.

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