the new yaffe website 25 minute talk related paper

the Yaffe Digital Media Initiative have recently acquired a license with Social Media Week to enable students with access to talks from their conferences .

You can access the talks from the new Yaffe website here under the “RESOURCES” tab. Click on the “SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK” and you will be given a prompt to follow so that you can get register and get access.

Pick any 25-minute talk and write a three (3) page paper that links the talk to the course material. Your paper should cite concepts from the lectures and at least two (2) readings. Please use APA-style citations. 12 point font. Double spaced.

      • Three (3) Page Paper
      • Related to Course Material
      • Cites Lecture Concepts
      • Cites at Least Two (2) Readings
      • APA-Style Citations
      • 12 pt font, double space