tools evaluation writing

I have selected 5 tools in Securing Cloud Data and Privacy and I need to write evaluation about the following tools:

1- Bitglass

2- Skyhigh Networks

3- Netskope

4- CipherCloud

5- Okta

•Describe in your own words each tool
•1. Introduction: introduce them, list the available comm and free and why you selected specific 5 of them.

•2. Describe the each tool: features supported, the working of it, where has been applied, its uses and success.

3. •Collect all features (Add new features from your experience).

4. Justify why theses are sufficient

5- •Measure the importance of feature. Give each feature a weight from 0-100% such that the sum of all weight is 100%


•Feature 1 most important (justify)…10%

•Feature N 3% (justification)

(put them in Weight table)

6- Support


•Tool 1: supports Feature 1 fully, supports Feature 2 partially, does not support Feature 7